The Story

THE HELL allows you access all areas and exclusive behind the scenes of the most challenging racing series on the Nürburgring. In emotional and documentary storytelling films you can meet drivers, teams, fans and cars close up and become part of the action. THE HELL is based around 8 drivers of different nationalities, backgrounds and perfomance levels. Never before seen material of racing action, very personal insights by the main characters and petrolhead knowledge of the cars and racing strategy form the most entertaining show of the most legendary racetrack in the world.

Opened in 1927 the Nürburgring has been ever since the most challenging, the most demanding and the most dangerous racetrack in the world. Numerous victories and tragedies, heroes and disasters, records and developments have taken place in the mountains and forests of the Eifel region close to Germany’s western border. After experiencing weather conditions like rain, sun, fog and snow just in one lap driver legend Sir Jackie Stewart nicknamed the track „Green Hell“.


km track




m elevation difference

The Endurance Championship Nürburgring is the biggest racing event of the world. 500 drivers compete in 180 cars in 9 races per season on the longest race track in the world. The magic derives from the mixture of amateurs and professionals, private race cars and works teams from all major manufacturers, and races that happen during all seasons of the year from March to November.







Being named „rising star“ by the British Racing Drivers Club and having won several races and championships in the UK David is now entering the next level in his motorsports career by taking on the one race track that separates the men from the boys. His only Brexit is the finish line.

The car: BMW M6 GT3

The Bavarian muscle car drives like a luxury saloon on steroids. The Nordschleife has long been considered the natural habitat of rear wheel drive BMWs and whoever has joined Sabine Schmitz in the famous BMW M5 Ring-Taxi knows that this is anything but boring luxury.
Maik is a carpenter from the Eifel region and literally goes from work directly to the race track. Often he needs to change clothes in the paddock upon arrival, storing his blue collar in the pits. He is one of so many people in the Eifel region living in the vicinity of the Ring and it being an integral part of their everyday lives. And dreams.

The car: KTM X-BOW

This carbon fibre jet is not your typical ring tool, however, it is a lot of fun to drive and in the hands of an ambitious amateur like Maik it can definitley be a true racing machine.

Tim and Luke are maniacs – behind the wheel as well as in the body shop working on every mechanical aspect of their car. While Tim is also a famous TV presenter for motorsports, Lucian is an IT expert and consultant. Tim has tested a lot of production and concept vehicles on the Nürbrurgring and raced in many different series and cars. Most of them still work.


This car is one of a kind. The original rally-proven Subaru became a Transformer in the workshop of Tim and Luke. More power, less weight, even more power and the perfect set up for the Nordschleife make this combination of car and driver(s) something to look out for in the rear view mirror.

This mega dynamic couple met for the first time in the drop zone after a sky dive and ever since they have been seeking the adrenaline rush - base jumping, historic air plane stunts – and now together as team mates racing thought the Green Hell. And they are sponsored by a Tequila brand ;-)


The official „beast of the Green Hell“ is one of the fastest cars in the grid. Well balanced, powerful and always in attack mode the AMG is a perfect choice for the two adrenaline junkies so they can focus on finishing... ...and finishing first.
Andy and Benny live the dream of many petrolheads as they both work as professional race drivers. Andy is the chief instructor of the Nürburgring Driving Academy and Benny is a works driver for Volkswagen in the international touring car championship. Both have driven thousands of laps on the Nordschleife but there is always a surprise.

The car: VW GOLF TCR

It runs and runs and runs – a GOLF is probabaly one of the most reliable cars outhere and in race specification and in the hands of experienced drivers like Andy and benny it turns into a real weapon.

Closer to the story. Unlimited access to the race events give a complete look behind the scenes. The official production sources like onboards, track and pit cameras or even drone or helicopter footage create an unique and epic cinematic journey trough the race weekends. The highly experienced production crew of real insiders are the guarantee for an extraordinary storyline- and development.